Since the creation of the first computer, technology has advanced at a tremendous pace. Change is often scary, however, in this case, it has opened up opportunities that are unfounded. The ability to work quickly and efficiently with the use of the word processor has increased productivity and streamlined processes. The age-old pen and paper have been laid to rest. The ability to explore the internet gives you access to an information highway that was once inaccessible. Communication and socializing have been made easy to achieve. Nothing is impossible with a computer.

Home Computers

Computers are complex pieces of equipment with so many varied applications. The type of computer you choose and the hardware and software combinations will depend solely on what the intended use is. A home computer is just that, a computer intended for use in the home. They are usually quite basic but do incorporate all the normal features. The ability to type, connect to the internet, play games, print and even watch movies.

Business Computing

Depending on the nature of your business, the software may vary. Hardware is usually more advanced than that used on a home computer. Speed is faster and the memory is almost always bigger. While all the normal features present in a home computer are present, there may be additional ones required for a particular type of work.

Mac or Not

The Apple Mac is a popular choice for computer, however, a user has to be used to the set-up in order to properly navigate the system. The downside to Mac is the fact that their system is close-ended. If you intend on making additions or changes to the system, you are forced to purchase from Apple. The same applies to software. In comparison other computers are open-ended. Adding and changing set-ups is cheap and easy. Parts and software are interchangeable.