The time for pen and paper letters and pen pals from across the ocean has come to an end. In a way, it’s quite sad. There is no more excitement or anticipation waiting for the postman to deliver the mail. In other ways, it has been an improvement in how people communicate. Communication is much more efficient and little time is wasted between exchanges. This has encouraged major improvements in the business world.


Facebook has gone viral. When it comes to socialising, this is the platform to join. Connect with friends, family, and people you have lost contact with along the way. This is the perfect way to keep in touch regardless of where you are in the world. Celebrate birthdays and special occasions from afar and share photos of momentous occasions. Facebook has changed the face of socialising, even while people still search for the best onling bingo apps to better integrate their play time. As with anything, there are always those who will find ways to deface something good. Facebook has not escaped that fact. Hacking, fake accounts, and the use of photos for unsavoury purposes have all been realized. While Facebook has taken the necessary safety precautions and provided security setting features, technology is always changing and there will always be a need to update, upgrade and improve.

Facetime, Skype, And The Like

It’s one thing being able to hold written conversations, share photos and celebrate with those all over the world, it is quite another to actually make a call and be able to see them on your screen. While in the past making a phone call was a means of verbally communicating, today Facetime, Skype and the like have brought visuals and audio into one place. It is so easy to make a call and see the person at the same time. Not too long ago that would have been a thought out of a science fiction magazine.