In areas where the colder weather tends to form part of the climate, carpeting is a popular choice of floor covering. Carpeting is high maintenance and requires daily cleaning to ensure the health of your family and the integrity of your home. Unfortunately, this is one instance where sweeping just won’t cut it.

Dry Vacuum

Developments in household equipment and products have brought to reality so many wonderful things. Each is designed to improve your lifestyle and quality of life and each is intended to make your life a simpler one. The vacuum cleaner was designed especially with carpeting in mind. Most dry vacuum machines are comprised of a vessel into which the dust is extracted, a hose, and a head or nozzle which is used to brush the surface of the carpeted area. Once switched on a vacuum is created which causes a suction. Dust is extracted, sucked up into the hose and safely stored in the vessel. It is vital to regularly clean the storage vessel out. A full storage compartment will reduce the strength of the vacuum and the suction may become ineffective.

Wet and Dry

Technological advancements have brought about vacuum machines that now have a wet and a dry function. While a dry vacuum will keep your carpets dust-free, a wet vacuum will effectively clean the carpet and assist in getting rid of stains. It is adequate to dry vacuum your carpets daily, however, a wet vacuum should be carried out weekly.

Dangers of Dust

To much dust is harmless, however, for people who suffer with respiratory disorders it can become a serious problem. In homes where the carpets are not regularly cleaned, the instance of allergies, sinus infections and asthma are more prevalent. The problem with carpets is that they don’t only attract dust. Other allergens and irritants such as pet hair, and airborne pollutants are rife.